Corporate Policy

The company's mission is to provide high standard services in accordance with the needs of the customer, the laws and the costs provided.

All employees are required to carry out their activities based on the principles contained in this policy and in the company's code of ethics, with a view to creativity and continuous improvement.
The allocation of duties and responsibilities is based, without discrimination, on the individual's ability and willingness to carry out their tasks honestly and to the best of their ability, contributing to the success of the company.
The company's objectives and the resources available to achieve them are planned in an annual plan, on which the results achieved are summarized at the end of the year. The company's performance is continuously monitored by the Management and formally reviewed at least once a year.

Briefly, the main corporate objectives are:
▪ comply with the applicable laws and legal systems (e.g. safety of workers D.Lgs.81/08, environmental protection, privacy D.Lgs.196/03, etc.).
▪ have an ISO 9001 certified organization;
▪ improve customer satisfaction;
▪ minimizing accidents at work and their effects,
▪ reduce environmental impact;
▪ have honest, knowledgeable, skilled and creatively involved employees;
▪ continually improve business processes and in particular: sales, procurement and service delivery.
service delivery.

The Company aims to achieve these through its organization by systematically implementing:

▪ quality control of the service provided
▪ training of personnel who have influence on the service and processes
▪ the continuous adaptation of resources
▪ the search for improvement in productivity
▪ the planning of activities of prevention and protection from risks
▪ using and promoting safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly products and technologies to customers.

We are committed to implementing, supporting and periodically verifying the above Policy, to disseminate it to all persons working for the company or on its behalf, to make it available to the public, to verify at least once a year, the degree of understanding and implementation, and adequacy